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Customer Segmentation

In recent years, we have seen a strong shift toward a Customer-Centric business model. A question often asked is how can we support that model without a clear picture of who our customers are? Business owners usually have an idea of who their best customers are but have a limited idea of how to leverage that information to position their services more effectively.

Finance & Operations

Keeping an accurate picture of your organization is essential to managing it efficiently, but managing finances across multiple locations and groups can be difficult.

Knowledge Management

A key tenant of service firms is to capitalize on your company’s experience by leveraging templates and example documents from old projects; creating something new takes time. As companies evolve, the deep tribal knowledge of early engagements is separated from the shared library of resources.

Practice Management

Making difficult decisions is part of any business. What hours should we be open, when is the best time to take vacation, and how many employees you need to staff to meet demand are critical questions that need to be answered.

Project Management

Managing a project to a successful completion is difficult. It can be even more difficult when the project can be impacted by seasonality, multiple teams, or technology changes. Bringing all of the necessary information together to report up can be a full time job.

Survey Results

Most organizations administer a variety of surveys to their people. Some are administered just one time such as skills assessment, a change readiness survey, or an opinion poll.

Retail Transaction Analysis

Managing a business that conducts transactions in volume is difficult. Choosing which items to stock, what to charge, and where to display them can seem like guesswork. Tracking revenue and profits against time, sales, and waste can require hours of staring at spreadsheets.

ITIL Service Desk

Companies that manage service desks live and die by their metrics.

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