Analytics as a
Service means:

What can Analytics as a Service do for me?

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We work with you to understand your business, your goals, and your story. Data can provide a lot of answers, but we have to understand the business before we can know that we're asking the right questions.

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We look for any inconsistencies with the data before we begin working with it, relating it, and displaying it. It's easy to draw bad conclusions if you're working with bad or incomplete information.

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We make it easy to understand high value information and trends that are effecting your business. An intuitive, custom dashboard makes staying on top of important issues that much easier.

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We answer questions, like: Which of my products is just taking up shelf space? How is my Opportunity Pipeline? Is this a seasonal trend? How many people visiting my website are reaching out to us?

We add value by transforming and visualizing data. Our clients are able to operate more efficiently by automating the report generation process. They interact with daily revenue and expense reports on their mobile device. They use historic sales data to forecast long term and seasonal trends to streamline and compress their annual budgeting. They review current performance against historic and planned numbers in a visually intuitive format. They fuel their revenue growth by delivering the most in demand service to the highest margin clients while carrying the leanest inventory.

Every solution we deliver is customized to answer the right questions for your organization because every organization is different. We bring our experience with data and a set of questions to help understand what you have to work with and where you want to go. Our job is to equip you with the right skills and the best tools answer questions about your business.

"Very insightful in their approach. They were able to discover aspects of my business that helped change my bottom line as well as change some of our operations and procedures. I was not sure what to expect initially, but I was very pleased with the depth that the analytics provided. Tim was fantastic!"

Paul Anton - St. Marks Finance Committee Chair