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Knowledge Management Dashboards

A key tenant of service firms is to capitalize on your company’s experience by leveraging templates and example documents from old projects; creating something new takes time. As companies evolve, the deep tribal knowledge of early engagements is separated from the shared library of resources. Silos develop and the value of this knowledge capital is lost.

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management application allows your team to search your company’s document repository for templates and projects relevant to their needs by analyzing and cataloging documents based on previously unused metadata like title, client, and date created. This capability increases project success rates, accelerates new hire on-boarding, and reduces project risk.

In addition to helping your team locate vital documents, this tool can paint a picture of your team’s overall contributions and experience. See who has worked with what tools, industries, and clients at a glance to inform your conversations with clients when selling and putting together teams for new work.

Interactive Dashboard that displays knowledge capitol of technologies, industries, and clients All data contained in this demo dashboard has been mocked up for this demonstration and does not represent a real practice or clients.