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Stories Behind the Numbers VI: One Vote Can Rock the Boat!

Written by Sam Finnerty

Thanks for tuning in to another version of Stories Behind the Numbers! In this Blog Post, we are adding more to our US Elections & Voting Data and adding another structural layer to our data visualization reports. If you look at the Power BI report embedded below, you will see that there is now a Main Navigation Page that allows you to navigate to different data visualization reports. Over time, we hope to build this into a comprehensive dashboard covering many different aspects of Voting Trends, Election outcomes and the Electoral Process as a whole.

Politics and Elections are complex, emotionally charged topics that generate a lot of different information and opinions. While these topics can be both polarizing and confusing, they are important for all of us to understand, engage in and discuss. They form the foundation of US Democracy and set the course for the future of our country. We hope that our US Elections & Voting Dashboard can make this topic more approachable, digestible, and interesting to learn about. Our reporting on this topic is free of polarizing opinions and self-fulfilling prophecies. Rather, it focuses strictly on the data, and tries to bring it to life.

This week’s post includes interesting reports on Voter Turnout. Which US States turn out the most voters on election day? Which US Presidents have generated the highest voter turnout in our nation’s history? What did US voting numbers look like back in the days of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson compared to now? This week’s post focuses on Voter Turnout by State (going back to 1980) and historical Voter Turnout data (going back to our first election).

Just open the Dashboard below, follow the instructions, and start exploring!