Microsoft's Data Vision


“Data is the opportunity for everything”

– James Phillips Microsoft Vice President.

The new currency of the world is data, and no one is embracing this paradigm more fervently then Microsoft. Microsoft is strategically positioning themselves to provide the platform that businesses run on, which fuels their Digital Feedback Loop methodology. The Digital Feedback Loop consists of four parts:

A digital feedback loop that demonstrates that engaged customers, optimized operations, transformed products, and empowered employees all feed into data intelligence

By providing high value, low cost platforms to their customers, Microsoft aims to become the medium through which business happens. We at Runway Analytics have aligned core strategy aligns with Microsoft by being a partner to our clients in creating business intelligence though data analytics and visualization.

Engaging Customers

Knowing your business means knowing your customers. We help our clients engage with their customers through analysis of customer data-sets like account information, emails, web traffic, marketing campaigns, and sales data. Combining disconnected data and visualizing previously hidden relationships allows us to provide a clear picture of who customers and how they engage for our clients.

Optimizing Operations

With the never ending pressure to generate higher profits, focus on pipeline growth can overshadows operational efficiency. Management often doesn’t recognize opportunities to operate more efficiently by adopting a modern Business Intelligence solution. Whether they are unaware of this constraint or simply have grown to accept it as just “How it is”, it’s time to question how things have been done. New information can make managing operations across a supply chain or multiple locations easy and intuitive by visually identifying locations, processes, and people who are making a difference.

Empowering Employees

We at RA strongly believe that any companies greatest asset is their employees. Ultimately, they know the business and data better than anyone and our goal is to empower them to use the Microsoft tool stack to accurately assess and analyze their own data. Putting powerful tools at the fingertips of those closest to the data helps businesses by allowing employees who are experts in their fields to leverage their experience for the larger business by providing input into the data visualization. Innovation is almost always created at the ground level and we enable that expertise to be captured and used.

Transforming Products

Insights about Customers, Operations, Employee experience arms leaders with the knowledge they need to transform their product offerings with confidence. Organizations with developed business intelligence can anticipate and react effectively to changes in the marketplace to meet the needs of their customers and drive bottom line return. Making a decision – even an informed one – can be challenging, which is why Runway Analytics provides the tools to quantify those decisions and measure the outcomes.

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

– Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO

Good Business Intelligence uses date to provide a feedback mechanism that checks gut feelings with data and context. From the customer experience to operations to service delivery, data is the language used to describe the movement and flow of the business. Runway Analytics builds solutions to help our clients speak that language.

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