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Survey Analysis Automation

Automating Survey Administration: It’s hard to ignore: from checkouts at supermarkets to driving and food preparation, we are seeing an ever rising number of tasks that once required a human being performed by machines and algorithms. The HR and Consulting space is no exception. The creation, administration, analysis, and communication of surveys and their results…


Microsoft's Data Vision

“Data is the opportunity for everything” – James Phillips Microsoft Vice President. The new currency of the world is data, and no one is embracing this paradigm more fervently then Microsoft. Microsoft is strategically positioning themselves to provide the platform that businesses run on, which fuels their Digital Feedback Loop methodology. The Digital Feedback Loop…


Real Estate Trends

Understanding Real Estate Market Trends in Minneapolis We always hear the saying, “Real Estate is a great long term investment.” How many people actually know when to buy a new house? What factors matter most? What’s the state of the housing market? Using a tool like Power BI, you can quickly answer all these questions…


Why Start Runway?

Consultants as Innovators Most people don’t love their jobs – I didn’t for a long time. I started work as a Consultant out of undergrad in 2014, enamored with the glamour of regular travel, important meetings, and sleek presentations. But as the projects went by, I saw how the reality of my engagements fell short…


Why Data Science Part 1

Digital Native I’m in the first wave of what they call “Digital Natives”. I grew up with Oregon Trail in my kindergarten classroom and programming digital turtle movement with commands in grade school. I was introduced to Excel in middle school, using it for reports and calculations. When I joined Accenture, I learned about vlookups…


Why Data Science Part 2

The Power of BI Seeing the way that Power BI took what had spent years doing, one command at a time, and executed it at the click of a button, was a leap forward like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Data manipulation is intuitive and forgiving like never before. The analysis process has been broken into…

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